Better control of file evidence

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2018 R2

The Discovery & Inventory > Settings page, called Inventory Settings, now gives significantly better control of paths searched by the locally-installed FlexNet inventory agent for file evidence and ISO-standard software identification (SWID) tags. By default, FlexNet inventory agent does not collect any file evidence, and collects SWID tags only from the ISO-defined locations. However, some kinds of application recognition can be improved with selectively-gathered file evidence.

New controls let you specify a number of search paths, separately for each of the Windows, macOS, and Linux/UNIX platform families. These are automatically shared with the installed FlexNet inventory agents on each platform through downloaded policy (and so they work for any installed agent communicating through a connected inventory beacon). Your paths are searched recursively, starting from each one you specify and continuing down through all its child folders. To better manage those search patterns, you can now similarly declare a set of paths to exclude from the descendent folders.

Both kinds of definitions (include and exclude paths) may include the * or ? wildcards, Windows environment variables (like %ProgramFiles(x86)%), and FlexNet preference variables (like $(ProgramFiles)), as well as plain text.

You now use the same groups of settings to manage searches for both file evidence and SWID tags. The online help contains full details.