FlexNet inventory agent unique identifier

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2019 R2

The FlexNet inventory agent now creates a unique identifier on a device when it executes for the first time. This unique identifier, called the AgentID, is used when resolving the inventory data from a device to determine which computer record matches the inventory, rather than relying on the domain name and computer name. This means that multiple devices with same domain name and computer name can now be distinguished from one another, resulting in separate computer records being created in the inventory database.

Notice that this enhancement applies for all of:
  • The FlexNet inventory agent locally installed on an inventory device
  • Zero-touch inventory collection managed by an inventory beacon
  • The lightweight FlexNet Inventory Scanner
  • The core ndtrack component installed using third-party means.
The AgentID is purely an internal mechanism which doesn't display in any of the listings or property sheets in the web interface.