Support for XenApp and XenApp Desktop Application Groups and user filters

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2019 R2
Beginning with FlexNet Manager Suite version 2019 R2, the collection of Application Group data from XenApp server and Citrix Virtual Desktops (formerly XenApp Desktop) is supported for XenApp and XenDesktop versions 7.9 (and later) and all later versions of these products. Application Groups are groups that let you manage collections of applications. Being able to categorize applications into collections enables some settings to be administered for all applications in a group. The concept of Application Groups was added in the 7.9 release of XenApp and XenDesktop (June 2016).
Tip: XenApp and XenDesktop were renamed as Citrix Virtual Apps and Citrix Virtual Desktops from version 1801. Citrix has also modified their version numbering, and now use YYMM numbering, so that the renaming and numbering changes were implemented in the January 2018 release of the products.

With this enhancement, user filters are now collected from Applications, Application Groups, and Delivery Groups to more accurately calculate application access. (XenApp and XenDesktop provide the ability to add user filters to Applications, Application Groups, and Delivery Groups in order to restrict access.)

Note: To take advantage of support for Application Groups and the collection of user filters, you must use the new XenApp server agent, XenAppAgent. In addition, a one-time staging database update is required to use XenAppAgent to collect Application Group data and user filters from Application Groups. The XenAppAgent installer can be found within the XenAppAgent folder of the Citrix XenApp Server Agent subdirectory that is provided in the Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite archive. The Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite archive is available in a zip archive in the Product and License Center.