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HardwareChangesClassPropertyBlacklist is used when FlexNet Manager Suite is in high-frequency mode for calculating subcapacity consumption of IBM PVU licenses.

In this mode, the FlexNet inventory agent, locally installed on each target inventory device, must check for relevant hardware changes on a set schedule (every 30 minutes is the requirement from IBM). In order to reduce network traffic, the installed FlexNet inventory agent (using its default command line for this case) only creates and uploads an inventory (.ndi) file when there is a relevant hardware change.

The purpose of HardwareChangesClassPropertyBlacklist is to specify those attributes of a hardware device that may be ignored. Value changes in these listed properties do not cause generation, compression, and upload of an inventory file.

This option has no effect if OnlyGenerateIfHardwareChanged is false (see OnlyGenerateIfHardwareChanged).


Values / range

A string value made up of semi-colon-separated WMI classes. Each entry may be a simple class name, or a class name with trailing class property/properties (using a dot separator).

Default value


This value applies when nothing in specified in either [Registry] or command line.

Example values

Any declared value completely replaces the default behavior. This example has the effect of 'turning on' the five other values in the above default, so that changes in those other properties now trigger an inventory upload; and only changes in free disk space are ignored.

Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o HardwareChangesClassPropertyBlacklist="Win32_LogicalDisk.FreeSpace"


Installed by

Code internals, or manual configuration

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