Container Scanning

FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1
The FlexNet inventory agent, when installed, has the ability to detect Docker images and containers on you network. Application inventory is collected on running containers. This is achieved using Zero-footprint inventory collection.
  • Image and container discovery
  • Event based container scanning identifies the status of each container
  • Performs a one-time Zero-footprint inventory of application(s) on running containers
  • Collects image ID, repository tags and repository digest information.

Note: By default, the FlexNet inventory agent does not collect any Docker images or containers.

To view Docker images and containers:

  1. Navigate to Discovery & Inventory > Settings.
    The Inventory Settings page displays.
  2. Select the Enable detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers check box.
    This allows inventory of the host to report the presence of Docker images, and also allows invoking the locally-installed FlexNet inventory agent inside Docker containers when they are running.
    Tip: In contrast, if you clear this check box, the FlexNet inventory agent will not detect Docker images and containers installed on the host.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)