FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

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ComputerDomain contains the canonical name of the domain of the local computing device, from which inventory is being gathered. One reason for setting this value is to cause UNIX-like devices to report in a particular domain in listings and reports within FlexNet Manager Suite.
Note: You can configure this setting for deployment to UNIX-like devices by setting the MGSFT_DOMAIN_NAME property in the mgsft_rollout_response file. Alternatively, you can manually edit the value in the /var/opt/ managesoft/etc/config.ini file that serves as a registry store on UNIX-like devices where the FlexNet inventory agent is installed. For more information, see Agent third-party deployment: Configure the Bootstrap File for UNIX.


Values / range

Valid domain name.

Default value

On Windows, the current local Active Directory domain for Windows devices. For UNIX-like devices, the default is no value.

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