Import SAP User and Activity Information

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The information in this section is relevant only if you are using FlexNet Manager Suite in an on-premises installation.

The Import SAP user and activity information scheduled task collects user data and activity data from SAP Admin module systems that were defined in SAP mode using the System Landscape Editor (for more information, see Adding an SAP Admin Module System). The collected data usually comprises the following: user names, user roles, the transaction codes that are included in user roles, user consumption (CPU time), module names, transaction codes of the system, the license-type hierarchy and evidence of indirect access.

You can use the Windows Scheduled Tasks system tool to modify the timing of the scheduled task or to modify the command-line options used with the import tool (SAPReader.exe).

Run by: Microsoft Task Scheduler.

Default schedule: activated by default, and set to run weekly at 12:00:00 (24-hour format) each Sunday.

Default command line:

"Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\Common\ndcrproc.exe"

-e "Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\SAPReader.exe"

-l "Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\SAPReader.exe" -o CREATE_NO_WINDOW=True -- -l

To change the collection period, use the following commands.

Table 1. Commands for customizing the collection period (end date and duration) for consumption data
Parameter Description
-p consumption-enddate Specifies the end date of the consumption period, using the format yyyymm. If this parameter is not set, the default end date is used, which is the last day of the previous month.
-m m-months Specifies for how many months SAP consumption data should be read, ending today or as specified by the -p option. If this parameter is not set, consumption data is collected for three months.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1