stock-keeping unit (SKU)

An identification code for a product (or service) that captures all the important aspects of the product and differentiates it from others that the vendor may supply.

Normally abbreviated to SKU, this identification code may originate from any point in the supply chain where stock needs to be kept, or stored: for example, it may be created by the original manufacturer, by a wholesaler, or by a reseller/retailer. For computer software, the practice is generally well established for using the SKU provided by the publisher. However, SKUs need to be considered carefully, since a distributor or reseller may extend the original SKU with a prefix or suffix to assist their own operations. For example, a publisher may decide on the SKU BH-1883. A wholesaler may distinguish distribution intended for Europe with a suffix like BH-1883-EU, and a reseller may add a prefix to help manage their sources, giving AP-BH-1883-EU. Since all these variations may identify an identical product, you need to consider SKU values carefully.

FlexNet Manager Suite has a SKU library, updated frequently, with SKUs provided by publishers, distributors, and resellers and mapped to individual software applications (and sometimes to other details such as the purchase program or maintenance sold inclusively with the software). If you find a SKU that is not recognized by the system, you may wish to notify Flexera of the complete SKU and product details to enhance automated processing.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1