virtual machine

A computing environment running its own operating system and applications, but consuming only a part of the resources of a physical hardware computer. That is, a virtual machine is a software implementation of a computer system that can run as a guest on a host computer (which may be running the same or a completely different operating system). Microsoft refers to guest virtual machines as "operating system environments", or OSEs. For brevity, in FlexNet Manager Suite all kinds of guest operating systems are referred to as virtual machines (VMs).

There are many different virtualization technologies (or ways of sharing the facilities of the physical, or host, computer between the various virtual machines running as guests on that host). As well, there are many different approaches to licensing among software publishers. This matrix of technologies and licensing approaches makes it complex to understanding software licensing in virtual environments.

Because virtual machines may come and go (that is, be started and stopped) at any time, it is best practice to use an inventory agent installed in the VM to collect their software inventory, preferably with a policy that triggers inventory collection at start-up or on other schedules that account for the transient nature of VMs. For some types of VM, such as Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly XenApp) downloads, it is possible to take inventory of the template from which individual downloads will be cloned.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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