Oracle Application User (license type)

Note: This license type is available only when you have licensed the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters product.
A user-based license type applicable to users of Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS). The license can be applied to any level of EBS applications or their modules, as required by your license agreement with Oracle. It licenses the number of Oracle users who can access the applications in your particular implementation of the Suite, with accounts recorded on your Oracle EBS server(s) and gathered as part of inventory. This license type may also be over-utilized when the license is expired.

In theory, a license for Oracle EBS includes a multi-product license that also covers the underlying database application. However, it is a requirement of Oracle that if the EBS applications are customized in any way, the underlying database must be separately licensed. Since it is the norm for the applications to be customized to meet your enterprise's requirements, this is most likely to mean that you still require a separate database product license for any system that services only the EBS users.

For this reason, by default FlexNet Manager Suite does not provide a multi-product license covering the database license and E-Business Suite. If you have an Oracle database instance used exclusively for servicing only unmodified EBS applications, you can either:
  • Create a custom multi-product license for both products, or
  • Create a custom exemption for that database server so that it does not consume a database license.

Since an Oracle user may have an associated count (for example, the ForkLiftDrivers account may cover 10 individuals who drive fork lifts), for each user name this license type consumes the highest count on any of the EBA applications. For example, if 2 fork lift drivers access one of the modules, and 7 access another, then 7 entitlements are consumed for all linked applications.

Compared to other Oracle license models, the Oracle Application User license has tighter controls over which applications may be promoted to being Oracle applications.

Product use rights Downgrade rights, upgrade rights, and licensing on VM hosts (virtual and sub-capacity licensing are built in to this license type, and there is no field in the console for turning that off).
Group assignment Not supported.

The number of unique Oracle users assigned to instances of the Oracle application, or the minimum number of users for the license, whichever is greater.


Oracle users assigned to applications associated with all servers linked to the license. If the same Oracle user is assigned to more than one application per server, the greatest quantity for the user assigned to any application is counted.

Compliance Compliant when the total count of users is less than or equal to Total licensed.
Changing from

Any existing allocations to users may be deleted.

Changing to You may want to allocate the license to specific users.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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