Processor Points (license type)

A Processor Points license entitles you to a certain number of points, and each installation consumes some number of points per processor based on rules set by the software publisher. The rules are recorded in FlexNet Manager Suite (usually updated by the downloadable libraries) and used in calculating compliance. A simple case might consume one point per processor (for which see the Processor license type), but different machine architectures might mean that each processor counts for some other value of points. There is no direct relationship between the points consumed and how many computers the software is installed on.

Tip: For capacity-based licenses, if you allocate the license to an individual device but inventory does not show any relevant applications (linked to the license) installed on that same device, consumption on that device is calculated as for a device license (a count of one per device, regardless of the device capacity). You can manually adjust the points consumed using the Overridden consumption value (consumption is then updated at the next compliance calculation). If corrected inventory is later imported that shows installation of relevant applications, you also need to remove the manual assignment of points.
Product use rights Multiple use, downgrade rights, upgrade rights, and licensing on VM hosts.
Group assignment

Group assignment is supported.


The sum of processor points calculated for all computers that run one or more of the applications linked to the license and have a match in the points table. The matched row in the points table defines the number of points that must be added per installation.


Computers within the scope (restrictions) of the license where the properties of the computer (processor type, computer model, and number of processors) match one of the license points rules.


If sum of points from all installed computers (shown in Consumed) is less than or equal to the points available under this license (shown in Total licensed).

Changing from

Points rules will be deleted. Scoping rules will be deleted.

Allocations to computers may be deleted.

Changing to

You will need to define one or more points rules.

You may want to allocate the license to computers.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1