SAP Package (license type)

Consumption for SAP Package licenses is measured by usage. Usage data is imported from FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications into FlexNet Manager Suite, and the license is generated automatically during the import. The metric that is used for calculating consumption depends on the SAP package. You may select or define the metric on the relevant package details page in SAP mode.

SAP Package licenses are over-utilized when the value of their Consumed property exceeds the value of their Total licensed property (both of these are displayed in the Compliance tab of the license properties sheet). Legally, this license type does not fall out of compliance until true-up.

Product use rights No additional rights. The count imported from SAP is the final count.
Group assignment Not supported.

The number of units of a business metric that SAP reports as consuming the license. Each SAP package has a different business metric which reflects the business value provided by that package.


The outcome of a formula applied by FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, most commonly operating on the results of system measurements run on SAP systems.


Compliant when Consumed is less than or equal to Total licensed.

Tip: In reality, this license type does not fall out of compliance until true-up.
Changing from

You cannot change this license type to any other.

Changing to You cannot change another license type to this type.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1