Device (license type)

A Device license covers a defined number of installations (the count is of the computers, or devices, that have the software installed). These licenses may be uninstalled on one computer and installed on any other computer within the same enterprise, so long as the total number of installations does not exceed the purchased quantity.

Product use rights Second use, multiple use, downgrade rights, upgrade rights, and (for information only) licensing on VM hosts.
Group assignment

Group assignment is supported.


The number of unique computers that have installations of one or more of the applications linked to the license.


Computers with the scope (restrictions) of the license.


Compliant when the number of installations is less than or equal to the number of entitlements purchased.

Changing from

Any existing allocations to users may be deleted.

Changing to

You may wish to set up scoping rules. You may want to allocate the license to computers.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1