purchase order

The legal document with which your enterprise places an order for supply of goods on an external vendor. Each purchase order consists of two main parts: the header that records information like the purchase order number, the date, and the vendor; and the details about the actual purchase or purchases. On a physical purchase order document, individual purchase items may be recorded on a number of lines.

Every purchase order line records a single purchase which contains all the information needed to built up your legal rights to use software (your license entitlements). Each line, or each purchased item, must be considered separately. Therefore, in FlexNet Manager Suite, each purchase is recorded separately, with a set of properties that allow the system to calculate compliance.

However, because in the real world, your purchase order system may have recorded several distinct purchase items in separate lines within the one purchase order, the properties for each purchase record include a set of header properties such as the purchase order number, the date, and the vendor. When any two (or more) purchase records share common values in these header fields, they are regarded as being from the same purchase order.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1


Note: The acronym may be used for brevity in context such as "the PO header" and "a PO line".