Scheduled Tasks for Inventory Beacon

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The FlexNet Beacon installer creates two entries in the Windows Task Scheduler, to help automate the operation of the inventory beacon.

Most inventory beacon activities are scheduled within the inventory beacon interface and do not use Windows Scheduled Tasks. By default, the inventory beacon tasks are configured to run frequently throughout the day. The purpose of each task is shown in the following table.

Type Value Description
Upload FlexNet logs and inventories Default: Repeating every ten minutes throughout the day Uploads the current contents of the staging directory on the inventory beacon. The ten-minute checking cycle on the empty directory is very quick and does not perceptibly load the beacon server. Uploaded files include inventory, usage (when enabled), and results of the inventory beacon applying rules for agent deployment and the like. When the upload is completed successfully, the results are in a staging directory on the application server. They become visible in FlexNet Manager Suite after the next inventory import and compliance calculation on the application server.
Upload third party inventory data Default: Repeating every ten minutes throughout the day Executes the ComplianceUpload.exe tool to upload any intermediate data packages that are currently sitting in the IntermediateData folder on the inventory beacon. This includes third party inventory collected by both custom adapters and factory-supplied Tier 1 adapters; SAP inventory; and information gathered by any business adapter.
Note: When each adapter (inventory or business information) is run, the system attempts an immediate upload to the application server. Therefore this scheduled task may most often check and find an empty folder: it is designed as a catch-up to automatically retry any uploads that previously failed. The task becomes more important in a hierarchy of inventory beacons: files uploaded to this beacon from its child are not part of the 'immediate upload' regime, and are captured and carried forward by this scheduled task.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1