Deleting an Exemption Reason

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

You can delete a custom exemption reason, provided that is not in use on any license in the system.

To remove a custom exemption reason:

  1. Ensure that the custom exemption reason is not in use on any licenses system-wide:
    1. Navigate to License Compliance > Apply Allocations and Exemptions.
    2. Near the top left, above the list, click Add filter, and from the new drop-down list that appears, select License > Exemption reason.
    3. In the last drop-down list, choose your custom exemption reason and click the blue check mark (tick) to apply the filter.
    If there are no results found, the custom exemption reason is not in use on any licenses, and you may skip to step 3.
  2. For every license in the filtered results list:
    1. Ctrl-click the hyperlinked License name to open the license properties in a new browser tab.
    2. Select the Consumption tab.
    3. Use the search field above the list of related devices to search for (part of) the name of your custom exemption reason.
    4. Click the check box above the left-most column to select all the resulting devices that use this custom exemption reason.
    5. Above the list, click Exemption reason, and choose the blank or any other entry from the list of options.
    6. Click Save to store the changed license properties in the database.
    7. Unless this is the last affected license, close this browser tab, and repeat for any other licenses in the Apply Allocations and Exemptions list (you can refresh that list to see the impact of your changes).
  3. In the properties of any license (such as the one you most recently edited):
    1. In the Consumption tab of any license, select an inventory device or a user record and click the Exemption reason drop-down list.
    2. Below the list of existing options, click Add/Edit custom reason.
    3. Click an existing, custom option from the list to copy it into the Exemption reason field, and click Delete.
    4. Read the confirmation message, and click Delete.
      Provided that the custom exemption reason is not is use anywhere, it is deleted from the database, and is no longer available for future use.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1