Creating an Action

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

A discovery and inventory action is a part of a discovery and inventory rule that determines what actions to perform on the identified targets when the rule runs. You must create at least one action to create a rule.

To create an action:

  1. Navigate to Discovery & Inventory > Discovery and Inventory Rules.
    The Discovery and Inventory Rules page appears.
  2. Click the Actions tab.
    The list of existing actions appears.
  3. Either:
    • Click Create an action to create an entirely new action
    • Click the copy icon () on any existing action to clone that action as a starting point for making your changes (for more details, see Copying or Modifying an Action).
    The Create an Action page appears.
  4. Enter (or edit) the name and description for the action.
    Names must be unique, and the description should help you recognize the action in a later listing.
  5. The Action type determines what controls are available on the remainder of the screen, and therefore what tasks can be included in this action. You can select any of:
    • Discovery and inventory — Shows a complete set of options for combining discovery and inventory-gathering tasks in the one action (see Discovery and Inventory Actions)
    • Discovery only — Shows only those options for discovery, and inventory-gathering settings are excluded from this action (see Discovery Only Actions)
    • Inventory only — Shows inventory-gathering settings, and excludes any settings for new discoveries; so that the inventory-gathering tasks apply only to target devices that have been previously discovered using other rules/actions (see Inventory Only Actions).
  6. Select the required discovery or inventory tasks that form part of this action.
    Note: You cannot predict the order of execution of inventory-gathering actions during a discovery and inventory rule execution, because multiple inventory-gathering actions, like gathering Oracle inventory and gathering VMware inventory, can run in parallel.
  7. Click Create.
The action now appears in the list of actions. You can edit, copy, or delete an existing action by clicking the corresponding icon on the action list.
Tip: You can delete an action only if it is not being used in a rule.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1