Transferring License Entitlements Between Enterprise Groups

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

In the Group assignment tab of the license properties, you may transfer assigned entitlements from one group to another (provided that you have sufficient access rights to see the data for both groups). One way (not recommended) is by direct editing in the list of group assignments, decreasing the assigned count of one group and increasing the other. Instead, best practice is to complete transfers using the Assign entitlements fly-up, as this both allows you to enter a comment explaining the transfer and provides a more detailed and readable audit trail in the history.

Tip: You may only transfer entitlements that have previously been assigned to a group. You cannot transfer purchases in this way (edit the purchase links to enterprise groups if you need to achieve that); and you certainly cannot transfer consumption figures between groups.

To transfer license entitlements between enterprise groups:

  1. In the Group assignment tab, select the group that is to receive the transfer of entitlements (it is starting with too few).
  2. Click Assign entitlements.
    A fly-up editor Assign license entitlements to groupName appears.
  3. For Assignment method, choose the Transfer assignments from another group option.
    Additional controls appear in the editor.
  4. Use the Transfer from group control to search for the source group that currently has too many entitlements. When selected in the search results, click Select group.
    Groups are displayed in this list only when:
    • They were visible in the parent license‚Äôs properties sheet
    • They had a non-zero value in the Assigned locally (total) column.
    It is convenient to check the Assigned locally (total) column in the search results. You can only transfer from a group that has a non-zero and unbracketed value in this column (remembering that bracketed values are rolled-up totals from the children of this group, and not a quantity it has available for redistribution).
  5. In the Additional assignments control, enter or spin up the number of assigned entitlements to transfer.
    You cannot transfer more than the source group currently has assigned to it, because no group may go into negative assignments. (This limit ignores current consumption in the source group.)
    Tip: Beware of existing consumption in the source group! For example, suppose the source group A has 50 entitlements assigned to it. Also suppose its local consumption was 30. Needing 40 entitlements for group B, you notice the 50 assigned to group A, and transfer 40 of them. Group A now has only 10 remaining assignments, against a consumption of 30. Depending on your configuration choices, group A may now be at risk. Of course, if this was your intention (to penalize group A for the benefit of group B), then being considered at risk is expected.
  6. Optionally, insert Notes to describe why you are making this adjustment.
    This kind of comment can be extremely valuable at audit time. All such comments will be available in the History of assignments of this license to this group, after you have saved your changes to the database.
  7. Click Update to show the transfer results in your list of assignments.
  8. Click Save on the license properties to store your changes in the compliance database.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1