Accessing License Simulations

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

To access license simulations:

  1. Ensure that your logged-in account is in a role that has the Create license simulation scenarios access right (by default, the Operator role provides this right). To check:
    1. Navigate to System > Accounts.
    2. Use the All Accounts tab to locate your current account and identify the role to which it is assigned.
    3. Switch to the Roles tab, and for the applicable role, click the edit (pencil) icon on the right end of the row.
    4. Scroll down, click the Licenses heading to expand that group, and scroll to the Create license simulation scenarios right.
    Only accounts that show an Allow setting for this right can access license simulations.
  2. In the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite, navigate to License Compliance > Simulations (in the Optimization group).
    The Current Simulations page opens.
This list will be empty the first time you access it, as it shows only the simulations that you have created and saved. Simulations are only ever visible only to the individuals who create them. (To share results of a simulation, the results of the simulation can be exported.)
Tip: As you might expect, simulations are also restricted to the data that you have permission to view. If you can see the license properties, you can use the license in a simulation.

From this page, you can: