Reverting Items

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

Reverting an item in the simulation tree is like a complete undo for that item:

  • If an item was part of the snapshot taken when you created this simulation, the revert operation resets all its properties back to the values they had in the last compliance calculation (the snapshot). This includes the name of its parent item, so that if an item has been moved in your scenarios, it reverts to its original position in the tree.
  • If you added an item as part of your scenario (not part of the original snapshot), the revert operation takes it away again. This is a true deletion, and there is no undo for this action. If you revert an added item in error so that it disappears, your only remedy is to add a similar item again.

Unlike a delete (which affects all the descendents of a selected item), a revert normally restores the original property values of only the selected item (and not its descendents). One exception to this is for a moved item: since the move originally transferred this item and all its descendents, a revert also restores this item and all its descendents to their original places.

To revert one or more items:

If necessary, navigate through the Inventory details tree, expanding higher nodes as required to expose the item(s) you want to revert.
  • For individual items, in the Actions column at the right of that row, click the revert button (back to start icon).
  • For one or more items, select the check box at the left of each item you want to revert, and in the tool bar above the Inventory details tree, click Revert.
The Inventory details tree is uploaded with any row highlight colors removed. The impact on your license position is updated in the License summary list at the bottom of the page.