Add Licenses to an Inventory Device

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The Licenses tab of the Inventory Device Properties page enables you to add existing licenses to an inventory device. You can search for one or more licenses and add them to an inventory device.

To add licenses to an inventory device:

  1. Navigate to Discovery & Inventory > All Inventory, and click the inventory device to which you need to add licenses.
  2. On the Inventory Device Properties page, click the Licenses tab.
  3. In the Related licenses section, type the application name (or a part of it) in the search text box and click Search to find the license records matching the specified name. For help in using the search fields, see the topics under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite.
    Note: The license search fly-down appears only if you have the Allocate licenses to users or devices access right. The Allocation type property for the added license(s) is set to Allocated.
  4. Select one or more licenses to add to the inventory device.
    Note: This operation is only supported for the following license types:
    • Appliance
    • Client Server
    • Concurrent User
    • Core Points
    • Custom Metric
    • Device
    • Device (Core-Limited)
    • Device (Processor-Limited)
    • Enterprise
    • Enterprise Agreement
    • Evaluation
    • IBM PVU
    • IBM RVU
    • Microsoft Device CAL
    • Microsoft SCCM Client Device
    • Microsoft Server Core
    • Microsoft Server/Management Core
    • Microsoft Server Processor
    • Node-Locked
    • OEM
    • Oracle Legacy
    • Oracle Named User Plus
    • Oracle Processor
    • Processor
    • Processor Points
    • Run-Time
    • Site
    • Tiered Device
    • User.
      Note: In some uncommon circumstances when the linking between a user and device cannot be established due to any reason, and the only available license type is User, you can allocate it to the inventory device that belongs to the user.
  5. Click Add licenses to associate the selected license to the inventory device.
  6. Click Save.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1