FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

In the physical world, many software licenses require the presence of additional contracts.

Within FlexNet Manager Suite, you can record contracts to assist in your management processes. However, these contracts have no direct bearing on the calculation of license compliance, so it remains completely optional whether you track contracts within the system or not.

If you choose to record contracts, you can:
  • Keep track of dates for review, renewal and expiry, using specialized views to monitor which contracts need attention in the short-term
  • Set up payment information related to contracts, including budgeting, estimations, and actual expenses
  • Link a contract to records of assets, licenses, and the enterprise groups that relate to the contract, as well as relate specific purchases to the contract (for example, you could link purchases under a corporate purchasing agreement to a record of that agreement)
  • Record the individual terms and conditions of a license, and track expiry dates for individual terms so that you can, once again, direct attention to more immediate requirements
  • Track not only the primary party contracting with your enterprise, but also any secondary signatories, and even subcontractors and suppliers affected by, but not signatory to, the contract
  • Assign responsibilities for different aspects of a contract to individuals within your enterprise.
Various views help you to manage contracts proactively:
  • All Contracts lets you navigate to the properties of any contract, delete records you no longer want, and configure the list based on the status of contracts.
  • Contract Expiry highlights the contracts scheduled to expiry in the next period. You can select 7, 14, 30, or 90 days as the window, or review contracts already expired (optionally, filtered to list only the ones still recorded as Active).
  • Similarly, Contracts with Expiring Terms or Conditions focuses on those contracts where one or more of the terms or conditions recorded has a forthcoming end-date (or one already passed). This is independent of the expiry date that may be recorded for the overall contract.
  • Contract Renewals shows those cyclic contracts for which your recorded renewal date is approaching (or overdue).
  • Contract Reviews lists the contracts for which you recorded a review date that falls within your chosen period.
  • Finally, don't forget License Contract Expiry, which focuses on software licenses linked to contracts that are expiring (you can also identify related licenses through the Licenses tab of the properties for the expiring license).

You can select one or many contracts from one of these lists to edit (or multi-edit) their properties. For details about multi-editing, see Multi-editing.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1