Ignored File Evidence

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The File evidence tab of the Ignored Evidence page displays the file evidence that has been ignored. Ignored evidence is not taken into account in license compliance calculations.

Available actions

You can perform the following actions on the listed evidence records:

Available columns

This page displays the following columns (listed alphabetically). Some columns are displayed by default and others can be displayed through the column chooser. To manage columns and other UI options, see the topics under Managing Columns in a Table.

Note: The Save view as feature of FlexNet Manager Suite enables you to create customized management views of a page by saving the applied user interface settings. For more information, see Creating Management Views.
Column name Details

Displays Yes if this evidence exists in the gathered inventory of your enterprise, and No if the evidence exists in the Application Recognition Library, but not reported by the gathered inventory.

This data is read-only.

Displays Yes when the evidence is matched to at least one application, and otherwise displays No. This assignment may have been done automatically through the Application Recognition Library rules, or manually by the operator.


The name of the publisher as reported by the file evidence.

For manually-created evidence records, this field is editable in the General tab of the evidence properties.


The file description either entered manually or reported during the inventory import.

For the manually-created records, this field is editable in the General tab of file evidence properties.


The language specific to this evidence (if any).

Displays the number of times the file evidence is found in the new inventory.
Note: The same file evidence might be identified in multiple folders on a single system. A figure displayed in the Matches column may not reflect the number of installations of the software applications: the installation count is displayed in the Installed column on the Applications tab of the evidence properties. These figures may be different for the following reasons:
  • Multiple items within the same inventory can match one evidence rule. For example, if the version in a rule is generalized as "1.%", then the evidence for releases 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 all count as separate evidence matches; but they may all resolve to the same installed application (where they are found on a single computer).
  • While some inventory tools count duplicate computer records as having separate instances of evidence, FlexNet Manager Suite automatically merges duplicate records, and so will only count the application once.

This data is read-only.

The name of the file evidence. The file evidence is derived from the executables and other common program files that are installed on the computer's hard disk. For example, on Windows devices this includes the .exe and .dll files; on UNIX platforms it includes all files with no file extension; and so on.
Tip: Clicking the hyperlink on the Name value opens the properties for that piece of file evidence. In those properties, selecting the Devices tab lists all the inventory devices where that file evidence has been reported in inventory.

This data is read-only.


On Windows (where this value is not used for application recognition), this is the most common location in which this evidence was found on inventory devices. On UNIX, the value is returned along with the file name, and is included for application recognition (where the file evidence is so used).

Product name

The name of a product retrieved from the file evidence.

Product version

The Product version specific to the application that includes the file evidence.


Indicates the size of the evidence file.

Displays the origin of the file evidence, for example:
  • Flexera — if the file evidence is included in Application Recognition Library (if this is the case, you cannot edit it).
  • Flexera (Extended) — if the file evidence identified in Application Recognition Library has been linked to an additional application by an operator.
  • Local — if an operator in your enterprise created the evidence for this application.

The version of the installed application, as reported by the evidence.

For the manually-created records, this field is editable in the General tab of the evidence properties. An evidence version retrieved from Application Recognition Library is not editable.
Note: Incorrectly editing a version may stop the inventory agent from recognizing the applications linked to the evidence. If you edit the version number, be sure to check the association with the application and ensure that the rule (or wildcards) still applies to the modified evidence.
Tip: While each piece of evidence should have a distinct version, you can link them to an application using the percent wildcard character (%). This represents zero or more characters. For example, the evidence versions reported for a single application on 3 different computers might be,, and (they might represent different service packs and hot-fixes). On the linked application, you can merge this evidence to a single rule for version 10.1.%. Then license calculations will link all three pieces of evidence to the same application.
Note: The period and a comma characters are counted as matching each other. There is no single wildcard character.

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