Parent Connection Page

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
This page (in the Beacon configuration group) displays the connection details needed for this inventory beacon to upload data that it has collected. This upload destination is called the 'parent' of this beacon, referring to the possible hierarchy of inventory beacons in parent-child relationships. The parent may be another inventory beacon higher in the hierarchy, or it may be the central application server (for a multi-server installation, one hosting the inventory server functionality, and another hosting the batch server functionality).
Note: In an inventory beacon hierarchy, each parent inventory beacon must have either the same or later software version than any of its child inventory beacons.
The operation of inventory beacons requires that several elements are in place:
  • The inventory beacon itself must have a record of how to connect to its parent, for the following reasons:
    • To download FlexNet inventory agent packages (used for adopting devices or updating them) and inventory beacon self-updating packages (through the Download URL)
    • To upload discovery results after network scanning, and inventory beacon status reports (through the Upload URL)
    • To download rules, and upload inventory data and business information (through the Server URL).
  • Regardless of whether this inventory beacon uploads to another inventory beacon in the hierarchy, or to the central application server, the central database must also have a record of each inventory beacon so that rules and downloads are prepared for it. This is achieved by registering each inventory beacon (see Register an Inventory Beacon).
  • Before an inventory beacon can operate, it must also be enabled in two locations:
    • Here in this page of the inventory beacon interface
    • Also in the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite.

To keep everything synchronized, manage the registration of beacons and the creation of the beacon hierarchy through the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite. This allows downloading and importing the configuration file generated exclusively for this individual inventory beacon when you register it (see Register an Inventory Beacon).

By default, always leave the Enable parent connection check box (on this Parent connection page) turned on so that the inventory beacon can phone home. You may turn it off temporarily during maintenance, or if the inventory beacon is installed in a locked-down environment without access to your application server, in which case all its collected data must be moved manually to another inventory beacon that does have the required access. However, bear in mind that the isolated inventory beacon is not getting updated rules from the central server, nor updated packages for inventory agents.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1