FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
Convenience setting for those wishing to closely monitor the life-cycle of their software assets.
Note: Licenses are included in compliance calculations at all stages except Retired, for which special consideration applies.
Click the down-arrow and choose a value from the drop-down list. In order of time through the life-cycle, the options are:
  • Active — (Default value on license creation.) Software linked to the license is in active use.
  • In stock — The software related to this license is now available for installation.
  • Purchased — Licensed software has been purchased, but not yet received.
  • Received — Licensed software has been received into the enterprise. (There may be additional work to do before the related software is ready for deployment, such as repackaging it to meet your corporate standards.)
  • Retired — License has been retired from use, but remains within the enterprise.
The following special conditions apply to the Retired status:
  • Retired licenses are ignored for license reconciliation (that is, they cannot authorize any installation or use of related applications).
  • Manual change to the license, such as individual allocations or group assignments, are not changed when the status is set to Retired. For example, if you have allocated a Named User license to individuals, those allocations are not automatically cleared when the status is changed to Retired. Manual settings on the license must be removed manually.
  • Any risk reason attached to the license is cleared at the next reconciliation (retired licenses cannot have risk reasons, nor can they have an Unknown compliance status).
  • If the license previously tracked peak consumption, this is reset to zero at the next consumption calculation after the license is retired.
  • Retired licenses are ignored for simulations.
  • Any PVU points table attached to the license is preserved for historical records once the license is retired.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1