Planned Non-Renewal

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
The Planned non-renewal check box tracks your plan, and controls its implementation, to allow the maintenance (or support, or Software Assurance) on this license to expire. If you set this check box, remember to check what on-going rights you may have under the license. In a typical case, when maintenance expires, you are permitted to use your latest version of the software in perpetuity; but you lose further upgrade rights, telephone and email support, and the like. The expiry date is recorded in each purchase that adds maintenance coverage to this license. Once the maintenance expires, some rights changes may be automatically applied to the license record for you.
Tip: Even when a license covers a bundle of different products, each maintenance purchase renews coverage for the entire license. The Effective date and Expiry date apply equally to all products linked to an individual license.
You may change this setting at any time, including well in advance of the maintenance expiry date. Set or clear the check box:
  • When Planned non-renewal is set, the license never appears in the License and Maintenance Expiry reminders page, because the check box shows your plan to let related maintenance expire. Once the last maintenance expiry date on linked purchases passes:
    • If the license was created from a template in the downloaded libraries, and the product use rights on the license still match the template, the product use rights for the applicable product are automatically updated to suit the new 'no maintenance' case, as specified by the software publisher. You need take no further action in this case, since the plan was made clear with the check box setting. (On the other hand, if someone has manually changed the standard product use rights settings on the license, no automated changes are made, and instead in the Recommended License Changes page, a new recommendation appears that you should update the license use rights to suit the loss of maintenance coverage.)
    • If the license was created locally without reference to the standard templates and with upgrade rights, the upgrade right on the relevant product is changed, allowing upgrades only until the expiry date of the relevant maintenance purchase.
    Once the product use rights are updated, the Planned non-renewal check box is left set (ticked, checked) as an audit trail of the planned changes that have now been put into effect.
  • When Planned non-renewal is clear, there is no plan to let the maintenance expire. As the expiry date approaches, the license appears in the License and Maintenance Expiry page, reminding you to renew. If the maintenance is allowed to expire, an alert on the license highlights the mismatch between the counts of license entitlements and maintenance coverage; and in theRecommended License Changes page, a new recommendation appears that you should update the license use rights (since these may have been dependent on continued maintenance coverage). You may accept that recommendation; or simply set the Planned non-renewal check box and save the license properties.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1