NUP Minimum

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
Oracle enforces a minimum license count for various database products. For example:
  • For Oracle Personal Edition, the minimum count is one per installation.
  • For Oracle Standard Edition, the minimum count is five per installation.
  • For Oracle Enterprise Edition, the minimum count is 25 per Oracle-defined processor for each installation.

If the Raw consumption count is less than the minimum specified for the software product attached to this license, the NUP minimum is enforced and used to calculate the Consumed value.

Oracle's definition of a 'processor' for this purpose starts with the count of processor cores, and multiplies this by a 'core processor licensing factor'.

This calculation needs the number of cores for each server consuming from this license. The number of cores is taken from the hardware inventory record for the appropriate partition, VM, or server (that is, licensing is calculated using all the cores on the appropriate logical computer).

You may correct a missing or incorrect value in the Cores field on the Hardware tab in the inventoried computer’s property sheet.

For partitioning or VMs, the number of cores for the entire host server is totaled. Rounding is then applied in the same way as for Oracle Processor licenses. That is, for all servers running the licensed software:

  • The processor cores for all affected servers enterprise-wide are grouped by their core processor licensing factors.
  • Within each core-factor group, the total number of cores is summed, and then multiplied by their core processor licensing factor, to give a subtotal for this core factor group.
  • Rounding is applied to each subtotal individually.
  • These rounded group subtotals are then summed to provide your total liability under this license.

Sub-capacity licensing may apply if hardware partitioning is in use (or the installation is on a virtual machine), such that the database instance cannot access the full processing capacity of the physical host server. In most of these cases, separate inventory records are returned for the virtual machine or partition, and the NUP minimum is computed automatically.

Only available for Oracle Application User, and Oracle Named User Plus licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1