Operating System

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
The operating system running on this device.
Tip: This value may be blank because:
  • The device is recently discovered – the operating system can only occasionally be populated during first discovery, and is often backfilled once inventory is returned for this device.
  • The device is a VM host that is a hardware frame that may not be running its own operating system. In this case, the computer Name field is set to a serial number associated with the hardware (because, without an operating system, there is no host name). In fact, no inventory of any kind is possible without an operating system, so FlexNet Manager Suite synthesizes the VM host record from common data reported by its guest VMs. The virtual machines in these cases may typically be partitions like:
    • LPARs running on IBM PowerPC servers
    • Solaris zones on either x86 or SPARC architectures
    • nPar or vPar partitions running on HP Integrity servers.

The discovery and inventory process generates the value of this field.

Not available for CAL Legacy, IBM Authorized User, IBM Concurrent User, IBM Floating User, IBM UVU, Microsoft Device CAL, Microsoft SCCM Client User, Microsoft User CAL, Named User, Oracle Application User, Oracle Legacy, Oracle Named User Plus, Oracle Processor, SaaS User, or User licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1