Overridden Consumption

Displays the sum of all overridden consumption values entered on the Consumption tab of the license properties. See Overridden Consumption for more details.
Tip: Because the totals displayed on this tab are simple copies of the relevant column totals on the Consumption tab, you cannot expect any mathematical relationship between the values here. An override value on one device may increase its consumption, while another override for a different device may decrease its consumption. Consider this simplified example for three devices, with the column totals in bold below:
Points from inventory Override entered manually Resulting consumption
50 30 30
50 60 60
50 0 50
150 90 140
There is no direct mathematical relationship between these three totaled values. You can only conclude that someone has applied 90 points of overrides somewhere in the list of devices, and that the net result has been to reduce the overall consumption from 150 to 140. For more about the relationships between various consumption fields (with special emphasis on IBM PVU licenses), see Relationships Between Consumption Fields.

Not available for CAL Legacy, IBM Authorized User, IBM Concurrent User, IBM Floating User, IBM UVU, Microsoft SCCM Client User, Named User, Oracle Application User, Oracle Named User Plus, SAP Package, or User licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1