FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The name of the publisher of this software, responsible for its development and distribution. The publisher must exist as a vendor within your database.

Tip: Whenever you link a purchase to a license that has a blank Publisher (for example, when you create a license as part of purchase processing),the system attempts to automatically populate the Publisher in the license properties by copying from the first of these sources to contain the data:
  • A linked application record
  • A SKU record identified in the purchase that is being linked to the license
  • The Publisher in the linked purchase record itself.

Background: Vendors

The table of vendors combines both publishers and resellers. There are four ways to add vendors to the database table:
  • You can create vendor records manually (navigate to Procurement > Create a Vendor. This is especially useful for records of your local resellers.
  • If you import a spreadsheet of purchases that includes a publisher not already in your table of vendors, a new record is automatically created.
  • If you manually create an application record (a 'local' application that is not included in Application Recognition Library), you can define a new publisher as you edit the application properties.
  • Publishers identified in Application Recognition Library are automatically copied to your vendor list on demand, as you link an ARL application to a license (manually or through automated purchase processing). Once present, they are available on your vendor list throughout your records.
    Tip: Beware of creating overlapping definitions for the same publisher. For example, you imported purchases that referenced Microsoft Corp. Then an operator manually created the vendor MS. Finally, you link Microsoft Office to a license, which imports the ARL's name for the publisher, Microsoft. All three records now exist separately in your vendor table, and are visible on the list of all vendors (navigate to Procurement > All Vendors). Avoid this problem by preparing your licenses early and re-using a publisher name from the ARL in other data sources.

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FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1