SaaS Usage Summary Report

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The SaaS Usage Summary report lists user access (within a selected period) to applications that are linked to a SaaS User license. Software asset managers will typically use this report to investigate a particular set of licenses or applications.

Generating the report

  1. Navigate to License Compliance > Licenses > SaaS Usage Summary.
  2. Click Run report to view access to all applications with SaaS User license over the previous seven days.

Limiting the report results

Although these filters are all optional, we recommend you choose a reporting period and most likely either a set of licenses or applications. Located from left to right below the report title are the following search fields:

  • Licenses — click the search icon and choose one or more licenses for this report.
  • Applications — click the search icon and choose one or more application groups to include in this report.
  • Access period — select your preferred reporting period from the adjacent drop-down list. You can choose the last 7, 14, 30 or 90 days, all measured from today.
  • Accessed — choose Yes to only display applications that were accessed, or select No to display applications that were not accessed, during the selected time frame.

For help with the search, see To Use a Fly-Down.

Reading the report

The displayed results are grouped by the selected software license. Expand the license group to display each application that can consume from this license, and expand again to view user information. The following columns (listed alphabetically) display for each license record.
Note: In addition, some columns also display information for the application and user records. By default, some columns are available in the column chooser.
Column name Description
Access within period Displays these results for each license group:
  • License — The total number of times this license was accessed during the selected period
  • Application — The total number of times this application was accessed during the selected period
  • User — Displays Yes or No beside each user to indicate whether they accessed the application during the selected period.
Allocated The number of individual users to whom entitlements under this license have been allocated. These users may typically use the software on multiple different computers (such as a desktop and a notebook), as long as they are the appropriate user for each of those machines. This value is copied from the Consumption tab of license properties (where it displays at the bottom of the table in the Allocation type column).
Availability The number extra entitlements to this license which are available for use. A negative number displays if the number of licenses consumed is greater than the number of available entitlements.

The number of SaaS User licenses consumed across the enterprise during the selected period.


The edition property of the license. Commonly this echoes the edition of an application attached to the license, but may be used in other ways in your enterprise.

Editable in the Identification tab of the license properties.

License, Application, User

Displays these results for each license group:

  • License — The name of the SaaS User license. Click the icon to the left to view the applications that consumed from this license.
  • Application — The application name which is linked to. Click the icon to the left to view the email addresses of related users.
  • User — The email address of each user who is authorized to accessed this application.
License type

The kind of license, which determines what properties are available for the license, and how compliance is calculated for the license. For details of an individual license type, please see the appropriate entry in the glossary.


The total number of license entitlements recorded for this license. This is the sum of the Entitlements from purchases and Extra entitlements values stored in the properties of the license. This is the number of license entitlements your enterprise is entitled to consume.

This license complies with the license terms and conditions. Values may be:
  • At risk — Consumption exceeds entitlements. Consider finding more purchase records, or making new purchases to cover the shortfall.
  • Compliant — The calculated consumption is less than or equal to the total recorded entitlements (these may be recorded in one or many purchases linked to this license). If your data input is complete and accurate, this license is compliant.
  • Unknown — Inventory data cannot be used to determine the compliance status of this license.

The number of installations of the licensed applications that are used, based on application usage data imported into FlexNet Manager Suite with inventory data. This total is the number of Yes values in the Used column of the Consumption tab of the license properties page, and is displayed here to help plan a response to your overall position for this license. For more information, see the Used property in License properties.

Users/Devices (accessing) The total number of users or devices that are consuming from this license.

The version assigned to the license. Depending on settings, this may or may not reflect the version of the first-linked application.

The license Version is editable in the Identification tab of the license properties.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1