Responsibilities Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The following columns can be displayed in the Licenses area:

Column Editing Notes

The category chosen for this license.


The time-based nature of the license, whether it is a Perpetual, Subscription, or Time limited license.


The edition property of the license. Commonly this echoes the edition of an application attached to the license, but may be used in other ways in your enterprise.

Expiry date

For subscription (or other time-limited) licenses, this is the date when the current license expires. Ignored for perpetual licenses (even though any previously entered date may still be visible). Check the Duration field to see whether this license is perpetual or time-limited.

License type

The kind of license, which determines what properties are available for the license, and how compliance is calculated for the license. For details of an individual license type, please see the appropriate entry in the glossary.

The license name may be:
  • Copied from the first-linked software product
  • Derived from the License Name field of the SKU in the first-linked purchase (or if there is no SKU, from the purchase Description field)
  • Created manually.
Publisher The company responsible for the creation and publication of the license.

The version assigned to the license. This may be tracking versions of a linked application, or may an independent value.

You can use the Responsibilities tab to view the licenses and contracts, if any, that the user is responsible for. For more information about responsibilities with contracts, see Responsibilities Tab in the contract properties.

The following columns can be displayed in the Contracts area:
Column Notes

The category of a contract (a customizable value).

The category of a contract. Depending on your needs, you can add custom hardware and software categories: navigate to Enterprise > Categories > .
Remember: If your organization's operators are scoped by a category, then any records they create are automatically, without any warning message, categorized to an operator's highest-level category. If you choose to set up and use categories for your contracts, it might be safer to leave most operators unscoped for categories, except those whom you intend to limit to creating records only within their categories.
Contract no.

The identifying code for the contract.

Contract type

The kind of contract.

Corporate unit, Cost center, or Location

The name of the related enterprise group.

Selectable in the Ownership tab of the contract properties.


The name (or brief description) of the contract.

Next renewal date

The due date for the next renewal of this contract.


The name of the related enterprise group.


The user's role in the development and negotiation of the contract.

Start date

The effective date of the contract, when its terms first apply.


The current standing of this contract. The following options are provided: Active, Archived, Cancelled, Completed, Draft, Expired, and Suspended.


The reseller who sold this product.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1