General Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The General tab on the Cluster Properties page enables you to specify general properties for a new cluster, or to change some properties for an existing cluster. Here are the fields on this tab, in alphabetical order:

Field Description

The date when the last inventory information was collected by the Last inventory source for this cluster.

Not editable.

Domain name

The name of the domain to which the discovered cluster belongs to. A domain is a collection of computers and user accounts that are grouped to achieve centralized management by the domain controller.

Enter the name of the domain to which the discovered device belongs.


The name of the cluster.

Enter the name of the cluster.


Specifies the type of the cluster (or more specifically, the brand/technology of the cluster controller). FlexNet Manager Suite supports Hyper-V, Kubernetes, Oracle VM, and vMotion clusters.

Select the type of the cluster from these options:
  • Hyper-V
  • Kubernetes
  • Oracle VM
  • vMotion.
If you have multiple overlapping inventory sources that report on the same device, it is possible for some inventory details to come from one source and other details from another source. This column identifies the most recent source of inventory for this device, so that the value may change as uploads from different sources are imported.
Tip: Although this inventory source provided the most recent inventory import, it does not follow that every recorded hardware property value came from this source. One of your inventory sources may be nominated as 'primary', and any values imported from the primary source cannot be updated by other inventory sources (although those non-primary sources can fill the gaps and update properties that are missing from your primary inventory source).
The inventory source names are system-provided, and cannot be modified. Most values are self-explanatory; some less obvious ones include:
  • Data Platform — The inventory was imported from Flexera Normalize (previously BDNA Normalize, part of BDNA Data Platform)
  • Flexera SaaS Manager — This is a dummy device created for linking with imports through your Flexera SaaS Manager connector
  • ManageSoft — The inventory was collected by legacy versions of the FlexNet inventory agent, and saved in a separate inventory database
  • Manual — You created this inventory device record manually, and no matching inventory has been received yet.
  • SMS — The inventory was imported from Microsoft SCCM (previously known as SMS)
  • Tivoli Endpoint Manager — Inventory was imported from IBM Big Fix, or one of its earlier renamings (IBM Endpoint Manager, Tivoli Endpoint Manager).
Tip: If you have custom inventory adapters, entries for these may also appear in this column as appropriate.

Not editable.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1