Licenses Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
The Licenses tab lists the software licenses associated with a remote device. It enables you to perform the following license-related actions on an inventory device:

For more information about using lists, filters, and other UI options, see the topics under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite.

The following table displays the license properties in an alphabetical order. Some of these properties are displayed by default whereas others are available through the Choose columns option:
Remember: Remote device properties are read only.
Table 1. Properties listed on the Licenses tab
Field Description
Access mode

The method that this computer uses to access the application attached to this license.

Allocation type

The number of license entitlements allocated to computers or end-users. Those with allocations have top priority consuming from this license, and cannot consume from any other. Allocations may also be set (per license) to always count as consumption (regardless of inventory). For each inventory device, you can also modify the behavior of allocations.

Device name
The name of the inventory device. The compliance calculation updates this field with the machine name returned in inventory (matched by several properties, including serial number).
Tip: The name displays as Flexera SaaS Manager if this is a dummy device record created for imports from your Flexera SaaS Manager connector.

The time-based nature of the license, whether it is a Perpetual, Subscription, or Time limited license.


The edition property of the license. Commonly this echoes the edition of an application attached to the license, but may be used in other ways in your enterprise.

Exemption reason

The reason why the individual computer or user is exempt from consuming an entitlement under this license, even though the application is in use. When this column is blank, application use on this computer, or by this user, can count towards consumption of the license.

Has maintenance

Displays No when there is no current maintenance recorded for this license; or Yes when there is at least one purchase of maintenance for which today falls between the Effective date and the Expiry date (inclusive) on the purchase. When this is Yes, the Maintenance field shows the corresponding number of entitlements that are currently covered by maintenance.

Displays Yes if any of the following is true, as shown in the last compliance calculation:
  • The application is installed on the device (for device- or points-based licenses)
  • The application was used by the end-user, or is installed on any of this user's devices (for user-based licenses)
  • The application was accessed through Citrix Virtual Apps (when access mode is Citrix).
License type

The kind of license, which determines what properties are available for the license, and how compliance is calculated for the license. For details of an individual license type, please see the appropriate entry in the glossary.

The license name may be:
  • Copied from the first-linked software product
  • Derived from the License Name field of the SKU in the first-linked purchase (or if there is no SKU, from the purchase Description field)
  • Created manually.
Product (primary)

The basic name of the application, excluding the publisher and references to versions or editions. This field displays the value Multiple products for multi-product licenses that have multiple primary products. See Multi-Product License.


The name of the publisher of this software, responsible for its development and distribution.

Serial number

Any serial number associated with this license.

Editable in the Identification tab of the license properties.


Displays the result of Entitlements from purchases plus Extra entitlements minus Consumed fields shown in license properties. The result is positive when you have surplus entitlements (according to the last license consumption calculation), and negative when you are under-purchased. For points-based licenses (such as Core Points or Processor Points licenses), the value is the number of points, rather than entitlements.

Displays Yes or No to indicate whether a product license is being used on this inventory device.
Tip: This field records 'traditional' software usage – that is, whether the related application was launched or not. As such, it depends entirely on the data returned by the inventory tool. Furthermore, this does not align with Oracle's definition of "used" for an Oracle Database option pack – for further information about use of Oracle options, see Options Tab of Oracle Instance properties.

The version assigned to the license. This may be tracking versions of a linked application, or may an independent value.

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