Query Attribute

Some drivers require special formats for the Query attribute of the Import element.

When the Import element is connecting to a database, the Query attribute must contain a valid SQL statement for the target database.

For other values of the import Type, the drivers may require a specific syntax. These special cases are shown in the table below.

Type (driver) Query description
ADSI queries follow the LDAP syntax for a search filter:
  • The string must be enclosed in parenthesis
  • Expressions can use the relation operators <, <=, =, >=, > and the compound operators & and |.
For example, to return all objects of category ‘user’, and class ‘person’, with a non-blank email address:
CSV (text file)
The syntax is:
select * from FileName
select * from Asset.csv
Do not include the path to the file in the query (the path is specified in the connection string for this Type of import).
The default query (case insensitive) is:
select * from NameOfWorksheet
Select * from [Sheet1$]
In addition, Excel supports field enumeration and functions such MID or ABS.
The query may be either:
  • The name of the method to be called
  • The full SOAP request to the web service.

No queries are supported.

2022 R1