Adapter XML Files

The Business Importer is driven by XML files that adapt the data formats in the source to suit the target database (normally, the central FlexNet Manager Suite compliance database). Each of these XML files defines an 'adapter' that includes one or more 'imports', and specifies:
  • Connection strings to source data, and (in connected mode) to the target database as well
  • Queries required to fetch source data
  • Data mapping between source and target.

Sample adapter files are installed by default on each inventory beacon at C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Beacon\DDI.

The format of the XML files is straight-forward, accepting only the following seven XML elements:
XML Element Purpose
root Required. Container element for all other elements.
ManageSoft Required. Specifies details about the target account and (in connected mode) target database connections. Each adapter XML file must contain exactly one <ManageSoft> element.
Imports Required. Container element for a list of <Import> elements.
Import A functional adapter XML file must contain one or more <Import> elements. Each defines the connection to a data source, the database objects to be imported, and the logging required. Only one Import may be run at each command-line invocation.
Log Optional. Defines the log files associated with each import. (A log file may also be defined in the command line for the Business Importer, described in Command Line for Business Importer.) This element is available by default for a business adapter running in connected mode on your central application server, and can be manually added for adapters running in disconnected mode on an inventory beacon.
Object At least one <Object> element must be present as a child of each <Import> element. Contains one or more Property elements, and the processing rules associated with an object in the central compliance database.
Property Defines the mapping of incoming data to a single property of a database <Object>.

The following sections cover these elements in detail.