Adding Custom Properties

Business adapters that run in connected mode (that is, on your central application server) can create custom properties in your compliance database on the fly.

FlexNet Manager Suite allows the addition of custom properties to existing objects in the compliance database. You can do this using the web interface. However, since it is very likely that the need for custom properties becomes apparent when integrating external data sources, you can also specify custom properties as a part of building a business adapter, as long as this adapter runs in connected mode on your operations server. The first time that the Business Importer runs this business adapter, the new custom property is created. On subsequent imports, data can be added to the custom property in the same way as for all other properties (the adapter does not have to be modified to remove the creation of the custom property).

Tip: Remember that you must create the custom property before you can populate it with data — meaning that the database object with the custom property attached must be high in the structure tree.
Note: Any business adapter that creates custom properties can be run only on the application server. Once custom properties are created (through either means), you can also populate those properties with values through another business adapter running in disconnected mode on the inventory beacon.

To add a custom property:

  1. In the structure tree on the left of the Business Adapter Studio, right-click the compliance database object for which you want to create a custom property.
  2. From the context menu, select Add New Item.
  3. From the submenu, select Custom Property.
  4. To give your custom property the name that will be created in the FlexNet Manager Suite compliance database:
    1. Right-click the new entry Custom Property n in the structure view.
    2. Select Rename.
    3. Type the new name, and press Return.
The details in the main data page are the same for this custom property as for all other properties (see Defining Import Rules for Attributes/Properties).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1