Connecting to the Compliance Database (Connected Mode Only)

When you run your own application server, you can build business adapters that connected directly to your compliance database.

The connection to the compliance database is most conveniently made when Business Adapter Studio is installed on the same server as FlexNet Manager Suite (in this case you do not need to know any connection details). When the installations are on separate computers, it is helpful if the development computer has network access to the compliance database. If not, you can work offline without an active connection to the compliance database, but the following limitations apply:

  • You cannot load existing custom properties
  • You cannot see values in lookup tables
  • You cannot simulate data imports for testing, nor trigger real imports
  • You cannot access the history of attempted data imports.

To connect to the compliance database (connected mode only):

  1. Ensure that the desired business adapter is open in Business Adapter Studio.
  2. In the structure tree on the left, select the top node (FlexNet Manager Suite Database).
    A page for connection details displays.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Use the default settings from this computer — Select this option only when Business Adapter Studio is running on the same server as FlexNet Manager Suite. This option reads the connection details for the local compliance database from the registry key SOFTWARE\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Reporter\CurrentVersion\DatabaseConnectionString. If you have chosen this option, your definition is complete.
    • Use the specific connection information below — Select this option when Business Adapter Studio is running remotely from the compliance database (but still in connected mode), or when you are configuring an adapter for an instance of Business Importer that runs remotely from the compliance database (but still in connected mode). This option requires you to complete the remaining steps.
      Important: Do NOT attempt to use this setting for business adapters that run on inventory beacons in disconnected mode.
      Figure: Defining the connection string to the compliance database
      Highighting the connection string field
  4. To complete the Connection String field, click the ellipsis button (...) at the right end of the field.
    The standard Microsoft Windows Data Link Properties dialog appears.
    Tip: Although using the Data Link Properties dialog is strongly recommended, it is possible to manually edit the connection string when required.
    Figure: Specify connection to the compliance database
    The Windows dialog
  5. Complete the details in the Data Link Properties dialog:
    1. In Select or enter a server name, choose or enter a fully qualified server name (or IP address) for the server on which the database is running.
    2. Choose the authentication method for the account under which the Business Importer will access the database. Use Windows NT Integrated Security is recommended for easier maintenance over the long term; or you may use SQL authentication by choosing Use a specific user name and password, and entering the account details.
      Important: If you enter the account details, be certain to select Allow saving password so that the password can be brought into the adapter. Otherwise the password will be lost as soon as you click OK.
    3. From the Select a database on the server drop-down list, choose the database.
    4. Click Test Connection to make sure that your specifications are correct (adjusting as necessary for success).
    5. Click OK to write these connection details for this adapter into Business Adapter Studio.
    If you selected Windows authentication, a typical connection string is of the form Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=ManageSoft;Data Source=SQLServerName

    For SQL authentication, a typical connection string is of the form Password=SQLPassword;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=SQLAccount;Initial Catalog=ManageSoft;Data Source=SQLServerName

    Tip: A period (.) entered as the Data Source in the connection string uses the database connection on the current server where the Business Importer is running.
  6. Select the Encrypt Connection String check box to encrypt the connection string details stored in the XML file for this adapter.
  7. Save the adapter.

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