Completing Connection Properties for Web Services

You need a detailed understanding of the web service that the Business Importer will connect to, using your adapter.

The following properties can be set when importing from a web service.

Properties Notes

This is HTTP URL of the web service.


Account name with which to connect to the web service.

Note: Some web services do not require authentication, in which case you do not need to specify account and password.

The password (if required) for the account connecting to the web service.

Web service function or SOAP message

Set to one of:

  • The function name to call in the web service
  • The full SOAP request text.
Function call example: GetAllPurchaseOrders results in the following SOAP request:
<GetAllPurchaseOrdersxmlns=\"" />
Alternatively, if the SOAP request requires specific syntax or parameters, you can enter the full SOAP request. For example:
Query="<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <soap12:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""
xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap12="">
<GetAllPurchaseOrders xmlns="" />
SOAP element
A string containing the name of the element to be read in the Web Service response. When the importer receives a response from the server, the full SOAP message is received, and the Business Importer may not know which of several XML elements contains the data to import. The Business Importer attempts to find elements in the following order (and reads data from the first one of these found):
  • The element you name in this field.
  • An element with a name made of the calling function name followed by the string “Result”. In the example shown above, this would be GetAllPurchaseOrderResult.
  • The <soap12:Body> XML element.
SOAP header values

A string containing the values to be added to the Web Service request header. The values must be formatted as follows:


For example:
Timeout The number of seconds to wait before giving up on a a query from the data source. A value of 0 means there is no limit and the adapter will wait indefinitely for the query to finish. A value of -1 means that the server-determined default time out should be used.

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