Creating a New Adapter

From the inventory beacon UI, you can start working on exactly one new business adapter at a time. Once the Business Adapter Studio is open, however, you can start other new adapters, and work on each one in its own tab.

When the Business Adapter Studio is already open:

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Click the New icon (Appearance of new icon ) in the tool bar.
    • From the File menu, click New....
    A shell for a new adapter is created in its own tab within Business Adapter Studio, and given a default name in the structure outline on the left (you can rename the adapter at any time).

Starting instead from the inventory beacon user interface:

  1. In the user interface for the inventory beacon, select the Business Importer tab.
  2. Click New....
    Business Adapter Studio displays an initial dialog to collect details.
  3. Select the appropriate Adapter template from the option list.
    The adapter templates correspond to the objects in the operations databases that you are allowed to import in disconnected mode (through an inventory beacon). Each type allows you to import a fixed set of attributes for that object, and sometimes a small set of links to other related objects in the database.
  4. Give the business adapter a useful name (Adapter name) that will assist you with future maintenance. The adapter name will also be referenced by the Business Importer.
  5. Choose how the finished business adapter will execute on its business connection to the third-party system in Execute as:
    • Choose Windows (current account) if the connection will use the account that is then executing the FlexNet Beacon engine
    • Choose Windows (specific account) if the Business Importer should use a different account to make the connection to the other system, or file share, and so on.
    If you choose the latter, the Username and Password fields are enabled, where you can provide the credentials for the specific account.
  6. Click Save.
    A shell for a new adapter is created in Business Adapter Studio, ready for you to identify the connection to be used to gather the information.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1