Setting Up Regular Imports (Connected Mode)

Many external data sources require regular imports to the compliance database to pick up later additions and modifications to the source data. For example, imports from your purchasing system must be repeated on a regular schedule to pick up new purchases that modify your overall license compliance.

To repeat the import using your new business adapter on a regular basis, create a standard Windows scheduled task on the application server.

Tip: If you need to move your business adapter file from a development environment into your production environment, remember that you may need to modify the connection strings to suit.
The default command line for your scheduled task has the following form:
InstallationPath\mgsbi.exe /Import=AdapterName /ConfigFile=XMLFileName 

where the placeholders represent:

The location where the Business Importer executable is installed on the compliance server. By default this is C:\Program Files\ManagerSoft\DotNet\bin.
The name displayed for your adapter in the structure tree of the Business Adapter Studio. For information about naming your adapter, see Renaming a Business Adapter (This name is also visible as the Name attribute for the <Import> element in the saved XML file.) Remember that if the adapter name includes spaces, you must enclose it in double quotation marks.
The name under which you saved your XML file (see Saving Business Adapters). Once again, if the file name includes spaces, enclose it in double quotation marks.
Tip: If you do not specify an XML file name, the default file MGSBI.xml is searched for the adapter.

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