Retrieving the List of Fields

Once confident that the correct information is returned from the data source, you may retrieve the field list from the data source. This step is required before you can start mapping data fields from the data source to objects in FlexNet Manager Suite.

To retrieve the list of fields:

  1. From the structure tree on the left, select the name of this adapter (representing the XML file).
  2. In the data page, click the retrieval button (Button appearance) on the right side.
    Figure: The retrieval button fetches the field list into memory
    Loading fields

The field list is fetched into memory. If there are problems, an error dialog appears; otherwise a success message appears in the status bar at the bottom of the user interface. The field list in memory is available for the next step, linking the imported data fields to the compliance database.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1