Running an Import from the Business Adapter Studio

When you have simulated your import and you are satisfied with the results, you can perform a real import.

Important: When you import data, you make live changes to the FlexNet Manager Suite database. Incorrect settings may result in important data being deleted or modified. You should always test your import in a test environment or pre-production environment before importing into the live data.

Always perform a full backup of the FlexNet Manager Suite database before performing an import. This will allow you to rollback the database to its original state if the imported data is corrupted or configuration of the import data is incorrect.

To trigger a data import through the Business Adapter Studio:

  1. Make sure you have simulated the import and have confirmed that the import will perform the required tasks.
  2. Back up the FlexNet Manager Suite database.
  3. With the tab for the correct adapter selected, select the Tools > Import menu options.
    The Import page displays.
    Figure: Check the import parameters and then start the import
    Import Parameters
  4. Click Start.
    A warning message displays.
    Figure: Confirm that you want to perform an import
    Warning dialog
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to perform an import. (Alternatively, click No if you want to cancel the import.)
    The import is processed, and progress messages display on the window. When the import is complete, a summary of the records processed displays.
    Figure: Review the results of the import process
    Sample results
  6. Review the results. Check for any records rejected, and whether the correct number of records were processed as expected.
  7. When you have finished reviewing the results, click Close.
    Tip: If you expect to run this data import process more than once, it is best practise to set up a scheduled task to run the import on a regular basis. Use the Windows Scheduled Tasks system tool to create a scheduled task.

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