Simulating an Import of a Business Adapter

When you run a simulation, Business Adapter Studio processes all of the data as if an import were taking place, and lists the number of records that would have been processed and the number of records that would be rejected.

This means that you can review the results of the simulated import, and, if necessary, refine the connection settings before doing an actual import and changing the FlexNet Manager Suite data.

A simulation does not load data into the object records in the compliance database in FlexNet Manager Suite, but it does update the history tables for every object that would have been affected were the import actually performed, to record that a simulation has taken place. These history records are visible in the History tabs of each object’s property sheet.

Once you are satisfied with the results of a simulated import, you can perform a real import. Even after performing a simulation, it is best practice to run the first import on a test database rather than in your production environment.

To simulate a data import:

  1. Ensure you have selected the tab for the adapter you wish to test.
  2. Select the Tools > Simulate menu options.

    The Simulate page displays. Do not change the default parameters.

    Figure: Run a simulation to check that the import file can be processed without affecting the FlexNet Manager Suite data
    Simulation controls
  3. Click Start.

    The simulated import is processed, and progress messages display on the window. When the import is complete, a summary of the records that could be processed in the simulation displays.

    Figure: Review the results of the simulated process
    Simulation results
  4. Review the results. Check for any records rejected, and whether the correct number of records were processed as expected.
    Tip: The most common reason for an incoming record to be rejected is that it lacks a value in a field that has been nominated for matching with existing records in the compliance database.
  5. When you have finished reviewing the results, click Close.

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