Updating Business Adapter Templates and Data Model

You can manually ensure an update of the local copy of the data model and templates used for business adapters (this is especially useful if you are adding custom properties).

The templates for business adapters, along with the sample spreadsheet files and the data model permissible for business adapters running in disconnected mode, are automatically updated daily (on the same schedule as inventory rules are downloaded to the inventory beacon). In special circumstances, you may need these updated more immediately: for example, if you have just created a custom property on the application server, and want that custom property reflected in your business adapter, you can trigger an immediate download (when you don't want to wait through the rest of the 24 hour cycle).
Tip: The data model is updated before each download, so that it includes the latest data structure including custom properties.

It's better to update the templates and schema before adding the modified database object to your business adapter.

To manually update the data model and adapter templates:

  1. Ensure that the Business Adapter Studio interface is closed.
    This permits the update of all downloaded files, and ensures that the new files are read when the Business Adapter Studio is reopened.
  2. In the inventory beacon interface, select the Business Importer tab.
  3. Click Download Templates.
  4. Wait 2-3 minutes for the generation and download of all the data.
  5. Still on the Business Importer tab, do one of the following:
    • Click New... to start a new business adapter using the latest templates and data structures
    • Select your preferred business adapter from the Current scheduled imports, and click Edit... to reopen the Business Adapter Studio and resume editing.
    Tip: New properties are available only as you add the parent database object to your adapter. For example, suppose you already have a Vendor object in your business adapter, and you interrupt development to add a custom property to the Vendor. After completing the download process documented here, you need to delete your previously-entered Vendor object, and replace it with a new Vendor object so that you can access the custom property.

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