Download the Adapter

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The download includes the executable for the adapter, its configuration file for you to customize, a script to create the staging database, some optimized patterns for BMC Discovery, and so on. All these resources are included in a combined downloadable archive for all adapters.

To download the adapter and resources:

  1. Download the Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 archive. One path is through the Flexera Community:
    Tip: Your Community credentials are required for login.
    1. Log into
    2. In the top right, in the navigation bar, expand More and select Product and License Center.
    3. Under the right-hand list of products that includes FlexNet Manager Suite, click LET'S GO! (and subsequently wait for the redirection to occur).
    4. On the right side, scroll down through the list of Your Downloads and click FlexNet Manager Platform.
      The Download Packages page for FlexNet Manager Platform appears.
    5. In the Latest Versions tab, click FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1.
      A EULA page may appear. If so, click I agree to accept the license, as this grants access to the list of Downloads.
    6. In the list of available Downloads, in the Files tab, in the File Name column, click Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite 2022
      A new browser tab may appear temporarily, and the download of Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 commences.
    7. In your browser dialog, choose to save the file, and if the browser allows it, direct the saved file to a convenient working location (such as C:\temp on a central, accessible server).
      If your browser saves the file to a default location (such as your Downloads folder), move or copy it to the appropriate working location when the download is finished.
  2. Right-click the downloaded zip archive, and choose Extract All..., saving the files in your working location.
    The path of interest in the unzipped archive is Tier 1 Adapter Tools\BMC ADDM - Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping Tools, which contains three folders:
    • FnmpADDMStage
    • patterns
    • SQL.
You will access the extracted archive in the following procedures, setting up and configuring the adapter and supporting infrastructure.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1