WMI Evidence

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) evidence is most often customized to help recognize operating systems, and (when the FlexNet inventory agent is in use) to help recognize aspects of special applications like Microsoft SQL Server. 'Normalized' WMI evidence (meaning WMI evidence that includes standard string values as noted below) allows the automatic matching of the WMI evidence to the application to which it relates, using the Application Recognition Library (ARL), frequently updated by Flexera.

  • Are new records created by imports from the staging database table? — Yes.
  • Can records with matching compound keys be updated by these imports? — No.
  • Are records unmatched by an import from the staging table deleted from the compliance database (provided that the staging database for BMC Discovery data is the last/only source for these records)? — Yes.

WMI evidence mapping

In the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite, there is no separate listing of WMI evidence. It is only possible to see these properties using the search facility in the WMI section of the Evidence tab of application properties. (This listing is alphabetical by Display property values.)

Source table.property Display property Type Max Notes
Host_ci.HostKey Not displayed. (p/key)


Identifies the inventory device on which the WMI evidence was found. This value is not displayed in the application properties Evidence tab. However, once the WMI evidence is linked to an application, this link to an individual device where the WMI evidence has been found may affect the list of installed applications that appears on the Applications tab of the inventory device properties.

Caption (string literal) Property name (p/key)



The string literal "Caption" is inserted for all WMI evidence records from BMC Discovery.

Host_ci.OS (left-most 256 characters) Property value (p/key)



For OS recognition using the standard ARL to work reliably, this value must be the equivalent of the Win32_OperatingSystem.Name WMI property.

Host_ci.OSType converted as per notes. WMI class (p/key)



The BMC Discovery data converts to standard class types used by FlexNet Manager Suite as follows:
  • Windows becomes Win32_OperatingSystem
  • Either of VMware ESX or VMware ESXi becomes VMWARE_OperatingSystem
  • Any other value is replaced by MGS_OperatingSystem.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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