HardwareEvidenceDetail_ci (Staging Table)

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Data in this staging table may also be saved in HardwareEvidenceDetail.xml on the staging server.

This data is generated through use of the optional UnixHardwareData pattern, which triggers the Flexera inventory component ndtrack ("the tracker"). Before staging, the information is visible in the Detail node of BMC Discovery, with a type of FNMP_HardwareEvidence.

BMC Discovery query

This query extracts data from the Detail node in the BMC Discovery datastore, and provides the aliases for properties referenced in the table below:
   WHERE (NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE Detail:Detail:ElementWithDetail:Host) > 0)
    AND (type = 'FNMP_HardwareEvidence')
    os AS 'OS',
    num_processors AS 'Processors',
    num_cores AS 'Cores',
    num_logical_processors AS 'LogicalProcessors',
    processor_type AS 'ProcessorType',
    processor_speed AS 'ProcessorSpeed',
    ram AS 'RAM',
    vendor AS 'Vendor',
    model AS 'Model',
    ip_address AS 'IPAddress',
    mac_address AS 'MACAddress',
    num_disks AS 'NumDisks',
    disk_size AS 'DiskSize',
    vm_type AS 'VMType',
    node_capacity AS 'NodeCapacity',
    node_capacity_in_cores AS 'NodeCapacityInCores',
    node_capacity_in_threads AS 'NodeCapacityInThreads',
    physical_shared_pool_capacity AS 'PhysicalSharedPoolCapacity',
       AS 'PhysicalSharedPoolCapacityInCores',
    physical_shared_pool_id AS 'PhysicalSharedPoolID',
    shared_pool_capacity AS 'SharedPoolCapacity',
    shared_pool_capacity_in_cores AS 'SharedPoolCapacityInCores',
    shared_pool_id AS 'SharedPoolID',
    vm_capacity AS 'VMCapacity',
    vm_capacity_in_cores AS 'VMCapacityInCores',
    vm_entitlement AS 'VMEntitlement',
    vm_id AS 'VMID',
    vm_is_capped AS 'VMIsCapped',
    vm_is_shared_type AS 'VMIsSharedType',
    vm_name AS 'VMName',
    partition_id AS 'PartitionID',
    partition_number AS 'PartitionNumber',
    #Detail:Detail:ElementWithDetail:Host.key AS 'HostKey'

Mapping into HardwareEvidenceDetail_ci

Source alias HardwareEvidenceDetail_ci property Type Max
Cores Cores smallint  
DiskSize DiskSize bigint  
HostKey HostKey varchar 64
IPAddress IP nvarchar 512
LogicalProcessors LogicalProcessors smallint  
MACAddress MAC nvarchar 512
Model Model nvarchar 512
NodeCapacity NodeCapacity smallint  
NodeCapacityInCores NodeCapacityInCores smallint  
NodeCapacityInThreads NodeCapacityInThreads smallint  
NumDisks NumDisks int  
OS OS nvarchar 256
PartitionID PartitionID nvarchar 512
PartitionNumber PartitionNumber int  






PhysicalSharedPoolID PhysicalSharedPoolID nvarchar 255
Processors Processors smallint  
ProcessorSpeed ProcessorSpeed int  
PhysicalLogicalProcessors PhysicalLogicalProcessors int  
ProcessorType ProcessorType nvarchar 128
RAM RAM bigint  
SharedPoolCapacity SharedPoolCapacity smallint  
SharedPoolCapacityInCores SharedPoolCapacityInCores smallint  
SharedPoolID SharedPoolID nvarchar 255
Vendor Vendor nvarchar 255
VMCapacity VMCapacity float  
VMCapacityInCores VMCapacityInCores float  
VMEntitlement VMEntitlement float  
VMID VMID nvarchar 255
VMIsCapped VMIsCapped bit  
VMIsSharedType VMIsSharedType bit  
VMName VMName nvarchar 512
VMType VMType nvarchar 128

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1