Host_ci (Staging Table)

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

Data in this staging table may also be saved in Host.xml on the staging server.

BMC Discovery query

This query extracts data from the Host node in the BMC Discovery datastore, and provides the aliases for properties referenced in the table below.
Tip: The following properties are recent additions to BMC Discovery:
  • num_cores is available from BMC Discovery release 11.0
  • zone_pool_name is available from BMC Discovery release 11.1.
    hostname AS 'Hostname',
    (dns_domain OR domain) AS 'Domain',
    os AS 'OS',
    os_type AS 'OSType',
    os_class AS 'OSClass',
    os_edition AS 'OSEdition',
    os_version AS 'OSVersion',
    os_vendor AS 'OSVendor',
    os_build AS 'OSBuild',
    service_pack AS 'ServicePack',
    uuid AS 'UUID',
        OR nodecount(traverse Host:Detail:Hardware:ProcessorInfo)
    ) AS 'Processors',
        OR ((num_processors > 0 AND cores_per_processor > 0) 
            AND (num_processors * cores_per_processor))
        OR ((num_logical_processors > 0 AND threads_per_core > 0) 
            AND (num_logical_processors/threads_per_core))
        OR none
    ) AS 'Cores',
    num_logical_processors AS 'LogicalProcessors',
    processor_type AS 'ProcessorType',
    processor_speed AS 'ProcessorSpeed',
    ram AS 'RAM',
    vendor AS 'Vendor',
    model AS 'Model',
    serial AS 'Serial',
    hostid AS 'HostID',
    partition_id AS 'PartitionID',
    lpar_name AS 'LPARName',
    lpar_partition_number AS 'LPARNumber',
    wparid AS 'WPARID',
    npar_partition_number AS 'NPARNumber',
    vpar_partition_number AS 'VPARNumber',
    ldom_name AS 'LDOMName',
    ldom_role AS 'LDOMRole',
    zonename AS 'Zonename',
    zone_uuid AS 'ZoneUUID',
    (zone_pool_name OR none) AS 'ZonePoolName',
    formatTime(modified(#), "%FT%T") as 'ModifiedDate',
    key AS 'HostKey

Mapping into Host_ci

Source alias Host_ci property Type Max
Cores Cores smallint  
Domain Domain nvarchar 255
HostID HostID nvarchar 255
HostKey HostKey varchar 64
Hostname Hostname nvarchar 255
LDOMName LDOMName nvarchar 255
LDOMRole LDOMRole nvarchar 255
LogicalProcessors LogicalProcessors smallint  
LPARName LPARName nvarchar 255
LPARNumber LPARNumber int  
Model Model nvarchar 512
ModifiedDate ModifiedDate datetime  
NPARNumber NPARNumber nvarchar 64
OS OS nvarchar 1024
OSClass OSClass nvarchar 64
OSBuild OSBuild nvarchar 255
OSEdition OSEdition nvarchar 255
OSType OSType nvarchar 255
OSVendor OSVendor nvarchar 255
OSVersion OSVersion nvarchar 255
PartitionID PartitionID nvarchar 255
Processors Processors smallint  
ProcessorSpeed ProcessorSpeed int  
ProcessorType ProcessorType nvarchar 128
RAM RAM bigint  
Serial Serial nvarchar 255
ServicePack ServicePack nvarchar 128
UUID UUID nvarchar 255
Vendor Vendor nvarchar 255
VPARNumber VPARNumber nvarchar 64
Zonename Zonename nvarchar 255
ZonePoolName ZonePoolName nvarchar 255
ZoneUUID ZoneUUID nvarchar 255

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1