App-V Release 5.0 (and Later) Data Transfers

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

This data is imported from Microsoft App-V release 5.0 and later. It is imported by the combination of the PowerShell script installed on your App-v Management Server, and the App-V server adapter on an inventory beacon that can access the App-V reporting database.

Several staging tables in the compliance database store information uploaded from the App-V reporting database and the .raa files. These include:
  • ImportedComputer
  • ImportedInstalledInstallerEvidenceUsage
  • ImportedInstallerEvidence
  • ImportedRemoteApplication
  • ImportedRemoteApplicationAccess
  • ImportedRemoteApplicationServer
  • ImportedRemoteApplicationInstallerData.
Data is held in these tables until the import from the App-V server adapter is complete, and then the resolvers are triggered to combine the data from:
  • The most recent Active Directory import(s) across all relevant domains
  • The most recent imports of the .raa file from all App-V Management Server
  • The App-V reporting database.
For this reason, it is important that the import from the App-V reporting database happens last.
The following table lists the elements and their attributes from the .raa file, and their final table and column in the compliance database within FlexNet Manager Suite.
XML (Element) / Attribute FNMS (Table) / Column Notes
(app) appID n.a.

Used as a key as required across the temporary tables listed above.

(app) userSid


The group SID (from Active Directory) identifying the users and computers with access to the package. This drives the linking of inventory device and user records to the application.

(msiData) msiDisplayName (InstallerEvidence) DisplayName

Visible as the Name in Installer Evidence properties.

(msiData) msiPublisher (InstallerEvidence) Publisher

Visible as the Publisher in Installer Evidence properties.

(msiData) msiVersion (InstallerEvidence) Version

Visible as the Version in Installer Evidence properties.

(msiData) msiProductCode (InstallerEvidence) ProductCode

Not visible in the web interface.

The following are the views used for source data from the App-V reporting database. It is not possible to give a simple mapping of this source data to columns in particular database tables within FlexNet Manager Suite, because the data is normalized and otherwise processed at each stage. For example, the usernamecolumn collected from view_ApplicationUsage in the App-V reporting database is already subject to considerable validation and processing before it is stored in the lastloggedonuser column in the staging tables (staging tables are listed above). Thereafter, the user name is correlated with other inventory sources, resulting in further processing before it is used to determine a link between the application and the user. For that reason, this table shows only the source content in the App-V reporting database.
App-V View Columns
  • app_name
  • app_version
  • end_time
  • host_id
  • start_time
  • username
  • version_guid
  • host_id
  • host_name
  • host_id
  • package_id
  • version_guid

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1